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All Katchi, All Night Long         Autority         A Country High (v)       An Absolute Dream          
Aussie Summer 
       Alvin Shuffle       And Get It On (v)         After Midnight        Agadou    
American Kids (v)         Atemlos (Breathless)           Almost A Good Thing        Amamé       
Alabama Summer
(v)     Angel In Blue Jeans (v)      About That Bass         After Five Stomp (v)      
Achy Breaky Heart       All Aboard         And You You You (v)        Alligator Shuffle Couple (v)       
Addicted To Love
(v)         Abronzatissima           Ain´t No Way            Amazing Grace I See         
Askin´ Questions
(v)       After The Storm (v)         Ah Si (v)        Alfie           A Devil in Disguise
Aberdeen (v)        
Always 17 (v)       All My Dreams (v)      Always Humble (v)     Anything For Love (v)


Blessed         Blame It On The Boogie         Be There In Your Morning (v)        Brand New Buzz
Badda Boom Badda Bang
          Big City Summertime          Backwards        Booz Cruise (v)     
Bring On The Good Times
      Bee BBB Buzzin´         Back In The Day          Blurred Lines        
Blood, Sweat & Beer (v)       Bible Belt         Bucket Seats Couple (v)       Baby Belle      Better Off?
Bad Heart Day
      Bad About To Happen           Big Girls Boogie         Blue Rose Is (v)           
Blue Rose
Couple       Bread And Butter (v)       Beer For My Horses (v)       Bosa Nova (v)     Be Bop     
Barn Dance Couple         Boys Night Out         Black Coffee (v)        Boot Scootin´ Boogie      
Butterfly Couple        Before The Devil (v)        Blanked On The Ground (v)         Billy´s Dance Couple (v)   
Bare Essentials         Boogie Choo Choo          Boys Will Be Boys          Bob The B       Banjo       
Bob The Bs Couple (v)      Barefoot       Ballymore Boys (v)       Baby Ride Easy (v)      Big Blue Tree (v)        Badonkadonk          Boom Boom Cha-Cha            Break It Back Down (v)          Brokenhearted (v)        
Born To Love (v)        Bleeding Hearts Couple (v)     Black Horse (v)      Bonaparte´s Retreat (v)  
Best Friends Waltz Couple (v)        Better Days (v)      Better Off In Love Couple (v)         Because Of U (v)
Blinding Lights (v)
        Back In Love By Monday (v)        Beautiful Day (v)       Back To The Start (v)
(v)        Bad Habits (v)       Born To Be Great (v)      Break Up In A Bar (v)        
Baby, You Do Couple (v)


Central Standard Time (v)         Chasing Down A Good Time (v)        Curious Girl       Cheap Talk      
Countrified Soul          Cotton Pickin´ Morning!           Cha-Cha Del Rio Couple (v)      Coyote Sing  
Cut Off Jeans
          Clap Happy!           C.R.S. (Cowboy Rhythm Strong) Couple (v)       Coastin´ (v)
Country Roads          Come Dance With Me (v)         Cruisin´ (v)          Cotton Eyed Joe Couple 
Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer Couple         Cowgirl´s Twist         Chill Factor          Canadian Stomp (v)   
Cha Cha One (v)        Cucaracha        Cowboy Charleston (v)       Cabo San Lucas (v)      Crazy Legs
Crazy Foot Mambo
(v)         Copperhead Road           Clickety Clack          Cowboy Strut               
Cha Cha Slide         Country Walkin´ (v)        C.C.S. (v)         Close Encounters Contra (v)       Cheyenne (v)     
Cowboy Yoddle Song           Cowboy Cowboy          Charleston Bump Couple        Closer (v)   
Chica Boom Boom (v)        Chicken Fried  Stomp           Cupid Shuffle         Cold Outside     
California Blue (v)           Cowboy Cha Cha            Country 2 Step (v)         Chattahoochee (v)         
Calm After The Storm Couple        Celtic Connection (v)          Corazón De Metal (v)         Chills      
# Cali Country         Cherry Bomb (v)       Codigo (v)        Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights (v)     
Corn Don´t Grow (v)        Circle Jerk (v)      Champagne Promise (v)       Canyon Moon (v)       
Crystal Touch
(v)       Country Boy Lovin´ (v)      
Cry Cry Cry (v)         Can We Just? (v)       Corn (v)
Cold Cold Night (v)       
Crash And Burn (v)       Cold Heart (v)


Day Of The Dead (v)       Dancing In The Dark (v)       Dust On The Floor         Dance With Me       
Don´t Look Good Naked (v)         Dancing In The Streets           Dreams Of Martina         Dizzy (v)       
Dance With The One That Brought You       Dance Like You´re The Only One (v)        Duck Soup    
Doctor Doctor (v)        Down On The Corner (v)        Drinkin´ Bone Boogie               Ding Ding Dong       
Don´t You Wish
(v)       Don´t Ask (v)        Dream Walkin´ Couple (v)        Day Dreaming        Driven      
Dance Ranch Romp       Ding Dang Darn It       Damn!!!!! (v)         Don´t Get Better Than That Couple (v)
Down on your Uppers (v)        Dig Your Heels (v)     Day Of Victory (v)         Dancin´ Shoes (v)       
Drinking With Dolly (v)     Dini Seel Ä Chli La Bambälä La (v)     Douple S (v)    
Down To The Honkytonk (v)
Down To One (v)        Desirable (v)


Ex´s And Oh´s (v)         Enchantment        Electric Slide (v)           East Bound & Down          El Paso Couple (v)
El Ritmo Bomba          Elvira          Easy Come Easy Go         Eyes On You (v)         Echame La Culpa (v)
Everybody Knows (v)        Endless (v)       Eatin´ Right And Drinkin´ Bad Contra (v)        11 Beers (v)


Future Husband (v)         Fly High (v)        Fairy Tales        Feliz Navidad (v)        Fake ID       Fireball      
Footloose        Friday Yet        Fisher´s Hornpipe       Flobie Slide         Feel Good        Fireflies (v)
Festival Fun       Forever And Ever       Feelin´ The Feelin´         Frosty The Snowman        Foxy Girl (v)      


Gretchen´s Waltz        Goin´ Hamm       Gypsy Queen (v)      Golden Wedding Ring (v)      
Good Time Girls          Good Morning Polka           Got A Feeling          Gotto Be Somebody   
Go Greased Lightning           Ghostbusters          Good Day To Run         Gin & Tonic       Gypsy (v)
Ghost Train          Going Back West (v)        God Blessed Texas (v)        Good Time        Grand´ Pa (v)    
Get Hot 
        Got To Be Funky          Get Down           Galway Girls (v)       Go Out Dancing      
Graffiti Baby
(v)        Green Earth (v)       Groovy Love (v)       Gone West (v)         Get Wild (v)
Gives Me Shivers (v)        Goulaine DC (v)       Go Mama Go (v)


Holly´s Church (v)        Honey, I´m Good         Hold         Hootenanny         Hurts So Good            
Hold Your Horses
         Homegrown (v)        Hard To Be A Lady        Hooked On Country (v)     
Hey Girl (v)        Honky Tonk Stomp (v)        Heel & Toe Polka Couple         Hardwood Stomp (v)         
Horseshoe         Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll        Honky Tonk Twist            Hickory Lake (v)        Hallelujah        Hurricane        Haunted Heart         Honky Tonk Fix (v)       Helele         Homeward Bound      
Horseshoe Shuffle Couple (v)      Honour Your Partner Couple        Hollywood Hills         Hello Mary Lou (v)         Head Over Boots Couple (v)      Hotel Keys Couple (v)      
Half Past Tipsy (v)      Home To Louisiana (v)
Hillbilly Girl (v)


I Love This Dance          Inside Out           It´s A New Day         Ice Cream Freeze         IC Fire     
Irish Spirit (a.k.a. Baileys)
           Indigo Blue          I Wish You A Merry Christmas        Irish Stew  
Islands In The Stream
(v)       I´m Gonna Getcha Good         Ice Breaker          Indian Sound           
I Love A Rainy Night (v)         I Love A Rainy Night Contra            It´s Alright        It´s America             
I Don´t Need A Man         Is There Love          I Saw Linda Yesterday        I Close My Eyes (v)
I´m On My Way (v)


JR (v)       Jolene, Jolene          Jackson Shuffle Reloaded           Just Gettin´ Started (v)                 
Just Want To Dance         Johnny Got A Boom Boom           Jamaica Me Cha Cha Couple (v)     
Jacob´s Ladder
         Jitterbuggin´          Jumping Jupiter        J`adore (v)        Jingle My Bells          
Jungle Freak (v)        Just Lay Low Couple (v)         JUST 4U Couple (v)          Just A Little Love (v)
Jerusalema (v)        Just Let Go (v)


K.A.B.A. Boogie (v)       King Of The Road (v)         Kill The Spiders (v)          Knee Deep (v)          
Kentucky Flatrock Stomp         Kick´n Swing         Kinda Rodeo          Kaw-Liga Couple        
Kickin´ Asp!         Keep It Simple (v)         Kid Rock Alabama (v)        Kacey´s Moon (v)


Lay Down And Dance         Locklin´s Bar (v)       La La Li (v)       La Estrella Couple (v)      Lonely Drum  
Lonely Drummer
Couple        Lake Darbonne (v)       Little Thing         Look Who´s Lookin´ At Me 
Lucky Lucky Lucky
          Laid Back´n Low Key         La Grange        Loreley      
Leaving Of Liverpool
(v)         Louisiana Hot Sauce              Long Long Way Couple        Loslappie     
Little Bitty         Lover Please Come Back Couple (v)        Last Christmas         Little Easy (v)        
La Chapelloise Couple (v)        Lay Low (v)        Louisiana Swing (v)           Look At You (v)       
Loving Tonight Contra (v)        Little Sofia (v)       Lord Help Me (v)       Look What God Gave Us Couple (v)
Love You Now (v)       
Love Lock (v)        Lonely Lovers (v)       La Fiesta Cubana (v)         Look At Me (v)
Long Black Train (v)      
Language Of Love Couple (v)


Mexican Wind Couple         M.O.V.E.       Monday For Two Couple (v)      Mountains To The Sea (v)    
My New Life (v)         Marry That Girl         Motorboatin´        Mama Loo (v)        Mr. Rock & Roll (v)    
Make It Up         My Maria (v)        Men In Black         Mini Barrel         Mony Mony       Mean       
My Desire For Two Couple          Mamma Maria           Make This Day          M-78 (v)                      
My Tipperary Girl (v)        Moses Roses Toeses (v)         Mein Herz es brennt (v)
Muddy Water Healing (v)       My Bestie (v)       Missing (v)       My Heart´s In Tennessee (v)


N.F.I.         Nancy Mulligan (v)        No Trouble           Not Fair (v)       New Backwalk        Never Ever          
Not Without Us         Nothing But You (v)         Nos vies (v)        
Next Girl (v)         Nobody (v)


Oh No Despacito (v)         Open Heart Cowboy         Ooh Poo Pah Do          Oh My Love         
One Step Forward
(v)       1-2-3- In The Morning        Oh Suzannah        Old Friends in America (v)       
1-2-3-4 (v)        One Too Many (v)       Over The Moon (v)        Outside Looking In (v)


Paddy´s Choir (v)        Perfect        Pavement Ends (v)       Peace Train       Promises       Picnic Polka         
(v)        Put On Your Dancing Shoes        Pina Co Cha Cha         People Are Crazy (v)     P3 (v)    
Polka To You
        Poor Boy Shuffle         Poor Boy Blues         Pocket Of Hearts (v)        Playboys (v)      


Quarter After One (v)          Quickie


Rockingham Rumble Couple         Ro-Move          Rednex Stomp         Raggle Taggle Gypsy O   
Rock Paper Scissors (v)        Rockin´ (v)        Reggae Cowboy       Razor Sharp (v)       Rose A Lee     
Red Hot Salsa (v)        Red Hot Salsa Couple          Rose Garden (v)        Roadrunner (v)        Ridin´  
Rompin´ Stompin´           Redneck          Rockin´ Robin           Rockin´ The Wagon Wheel (v)       
Roll In The Hay          Red Rose (v)         Remember Us This Way         Rhyme Or Reason (v)
Rock In Christmas (v)        Regenbogenfarben (v)         
Road House Rock (v)          Rio (v)
Raised Like That (v)


Shakin´ All Over           Sweet Delight Couple (v)        Sunbeam (v)           Slapping Leather       
Sinner      Swing Time Boogie            Sea Shells Couple (v)          Somebody like you              
So Just Dance Dance Dance!
           16 Bars          Since You Brought It Up          So Feisty   
Sugar Sugar
         Sweetheart Schottische Couple          Showed Up Late         Smokey Places  
Snap´n Time
        Summer Fly (v)         Southern Delight          Speak To The Sky         Sugar & Pai  
Swamp Thang           Shakin´ Mix          Sixteen Step (Skip) Couple           Scotia Samba       Swingin`         
Sweet Sweet Smile (v)       Something In The Water (v)         Shout Shout         Shadow Couple (v)       
Save A Horse        Sweet Like Cola (v)       Sharp Dressed Man       Sleeping Child (v)
Singalong Song           Slow Waltz (Within´ Easy Reach) Couple         Shadows Cha Cha           
South Side Shuffle          Sassy Shaney Couple (v)         Seminole Wind         Sweet Home Alabama          
Southern Streamline
       Suzanne Suzanne Couple        Side Kick Couple (v)       Summertime Cha Cha      
She´s Amazing (v)       Something Fine Couple (v)       Soak Up The Sun (v)      Something You Love (v)
Señorita La-La-La (v)       Shake Off Your Shoes (v)      
Sweet Attraction (v)      Salt, Lime & Tequila (v)
Save Your Tears (v)      Sundown Swing (I.C.E.) (v)       Sweat And Dust (v)


Story To Tell       Stop Staring At My Eyes (v)      Stand By Me        Stomping It Out        
Stuck Like Glue           Start The Car           Stroll  Along Cha Cha           Stitch It Up          
Starter Step (v)        Sticks And Stones (v)          Story (v)        Straight to Hell Couple (v)                    
Straight To Memphis          Strong Bounds (v)        Stand To Him (v)       Stand Up And Boogie (v)


The Cowboy Hip Hop        Tour In Mexico (v)       Tequila Sunrise (v)      The Fighter       
Time Is Love            The Beast            Tag On (v)          Tell The World (v)         Time To Swing       
The Circle Thing Couple            Time Of My Life         The Boat To Liverpool          The Wanderer 
Tango With The Sheriff Couple         Tush Push          Texas Progessive Couple        Trespassing       
Toes (v)        The Trail          The Lion Sleeps          Tulsa Shuffle Couple           Two Step Couple    
The M.B.C. Club Dance
        Twist EM         The Blarney Roses          Tailgate          Turbo Twang
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
(v)         T-Bone Shuffle          The Gambler         The Habit               
That Old Time Rock´n Roll
        The Sid Shuffle          Tricky Moon          The Bunny Hop (v)           
The Neighborhood Couple         The Bremer          The Small Story           The Flute          13MWZ 
These Days
(v)       10 Years (v)         Thank You (v)         Tropical Breeze (v)        Telescope     
Texas Time (v)       Things (v)        Twist & Turns (v)       Thank God For You (v)        Tonight Is Real (v)

The Wellerman (v)        Texas Swing (v)      The Rhythm Of Love (v)       Til You Can´t (v)
Triple Cross Couple (V)       This Barn (v)       The Morning After (v)       Through your Eyes (v)


Undefeated         Under The Sun          Up


Vertical Expressions (v)           Vincent (v)


We Only Live Once (v)        Who´s Cheating Who?         Woman Up         Won´t You Stay        
Whiskey Wishes
Couple (v)       Warriors (v)        We Are Tonight (v)       Wipe Out         White Rose (v)     
Wave On Wave
(v)       Watermelon Crawl          Wishful Thinking (v)         Watch Me Now       
Whole Again
(v)        We Went (v)         When You Smile (v)         With These Eyes (v)
White Rose For Two Couple          Wintergreen (v)       Wrong Direction (v)        
What A Man Gotta Do (v)
Waves Of Love (v)       Where We´ve Been (v)        Warm Welcome (v)



Yee Haw          You´re So Naughty (v)       You Belong With Me (v)       Your Man (v)